Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Yeah I'll drink your wine

So last night I went to a staff party at the bossman's home. It was fun, the food was great, the wine flowed and it was awesome to kick back with the cool folks at work.

Okay so I had lots of wine. Everyone did. We were merry. Most of the festivities took place in the backyard. Where the bugs are - the ones that find me delicious.

I didn't really look at my ankle until I got to work. Y'all it is jacked. It is red and swollen, and of course my benadryl cream is at home. I'm too cheap to buy more, so I guess if my leg just blows up from the pressure it's my own fault.

The cream should do the trick, but if not I happen to have a doctor's appointment on Thursday for some blood work. Perhaps the doctor has something more awesome if my leg is still swollen, like marijuana cream?

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