Friday, March 6, 2009

In Anticipation of Saturday

I love a Saturday when I don't have anything planned. Tomorrow is such a Saturday, and what will I do to celebrate not having a damn thing to do?

I shall make bread...two kinds, and I will clean my diaster of a house.

I know you are jealous of my jet-set sorta lifestyle, but I'm sure you will get over it.

I am going to make pita bread and regular white bread. Originally I was just going to make one loaf of bread, but Smitten Kitchen posted a dead simple recipe for pita bread, so I must make it. I have a cast iron skillet that would be just perfect for baking the pita bread. I'm pumped, and the house will smell like heaven. The pita recipe says the longer the dough can develop, the better, so I am going to make it tonight and let it do it's thang in the fridge. Tomorrow morning I will start on the loaf, and clean the house when I'm not punching the dough down.

Oh! And an update on how I'm doing in the excercise department. So far, I have been on the dreadmill three times, and I feel pretty good about that. Tonight I will probably skip it, because I will be busy in the kitchen, but I think tomorrow I will hike the 1.6 mile trail around Ellington Agricultural Center, which is just a hop and a skip from my house. The weather is supposed to be very nice, and since I'll be in need of fresh air after inhaling bathroom chemicals, the timing is perfect.

Best wishes for a happy Saturday!

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