Friday, February 18, 2011

Number 79

I knew going into this that there would be some books that I did not want to read.  But, I decided that I would give all of the books on the list a fair shake, and would read them.  I stand by that statement.

The random number chosen was 79.  As I scanned down the list, I saw that it would be a science book.  I always loathed science in school (I was more of a literature/history sorta gal), so I felt my face scrunch up as I saw what was chosen.

On The Origin of Species, by Charles Darwin.

I am a born again Christian.  I believe in Creation.  I will not get in a debate about this.  This will be a good book for me to read. To read something completely unassociated with myself and my beliefs is good mental exercise.  This is the essence of good conversation:  to be well versed in both sides of the argument.

So today during my lunch, I will take a stroll to my beloved main branch of the public library, and will take out the tome.  According to the website, it is "available."  Imagine that!  I figured there would be a waiting list.

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