Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh hai...this thing still on

I consider myself mercurial.  When I think of something creative to do, I must do it and do it right dang now.  I was thinking ... minding my own business really...when the idea pops in my head:  how well read am I?

I like reading, and of course read the mandatory classics in high school, but is that enough?  It is all encompassing?  Could I really hold a decent conversation?  It bores me to tears when people ramble on incessantly about the Real Housewives, or that vile Jersey Shore show (so glad I don't get that channel).  Does anybody read anymore?

Books should be read.  There are scores of books on library shelves languishing in dust and neglect.   If you don't have a library card, get one!  Don't give all of your money to amazon or those electronic Kindle things.  Have a book in your hands, feel the weight of it, flip the pages and use a bookmark that you love.

So, for a lark, I googled "well read reading list," and up popped a list of 110 classics.  It looked rather comprehensive - I knew I wanted to read Alexis de Tocqueville - so when I saw his tome on the list I decided that I had found a good starting place.

I've decided that I am going to give all of these books my attention.  Even the ones that I really don't want to read.  I guess I am finally going to read that Harry Potter book that a couple people have picked up. Are you familiar with that one?

I have numbered the list from 1 to 110, and for the first selection, I have e-mailed someone I know, and have asked said person to pick a number at random from 1 to 110.  Whatever number is chosen is the book that I will pick up from the library.

Game on!

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