Friday, May 13, 2011

Thomas Paine - The Rights of Man

Yes - I read introduction to epilogue Thomas Paine's Rights of Man.

I know this was written during a time when the written word was the primary source for enlightenment, entertainment and edification.  I respect that, and indeed the book was beautifully written.  It encompasses the best principles for a beautiful governnment.

Thomas Paine was basically writing to counter the claims of a Mr. Burke, a Brit who found the French Revolution to be an awful endeavor, and waxed eloquent on the beauty that is financing an aristocracy.

If I had to address Mr. Burke in the present day, I would have done it more succinctly.

Mr. Burke......yo mama.  And thus ends my commentary...almost.

Of course, when Thomas Paine wrote, the weight of the pen, I believe, had more value, and whoa did he have the gift of gab.  It was beautiful to read, and I encourage anyone that enjoys freedom to read his work.

And now I am almost half done with my next assigned book.  I am reading The Life of Charlotte Bronte, written by Elizabeth Gaskell.  She was Bronte's friend, and an excellent writer in her own right.  I am thoroughly enjoying it, and will save my opinions for the next post.

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