Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I know....I know.....

Bad....bad blogger am I. I have neglected Not That Cool, which is so, um, not cool of me to do?

So let me bring my whole 2 readers up to speed. My birthday was last Friday, and it was super awesome. Before the actual day, I began to receive with birthday money in them....also known as the BestFrigginKindOfBirthdayCardOneCanReceive. If you are one of those people that think otherwise, get the honk off my blog.

So with the influx of money, I began to treat myself to.....things. I have an uneasy relationship with things, as in I don't really like to buy things, because I feel like I am just accumulating things, and sometimes I am so anti-thing that I go without things that I should really have.

It's a self care thing that I'm kinda not good at.

So here I am, with a wad of dough, trying my level best to spend it. I bought myself a pretty new shirt (that is a whole size smaller than I used to wear RAWWKKK), and Hob Nobs from the World Market (chocolate covered British oatmeal cookies. They are the essence of rad).

I bought a book, Austenland, by Shannon Hale which is turning out to be pretty great. If you understand the hottness that is Mr. Darcy sopping wet after a dip in the estate pond, you really should read this book yo.

I got other stuff and things that I wanted/needed too. But here's the big thing.

I got a haircut y'all. I have been trying forever to get my hair nice and long so that I can donate it to Locks of Love, but along the way I sacrificed any semblance of personal style. So I got 1 inch trimmed off the bottom, a lot of bulk removed, and bangs y'all. I got bangs.

I am super happy with it, and I don't even mind being high maintenance and applying a flat iron to re-create this look.

I might change my Not That Cool picture to this since it is so outdated, or perhaps I should don my tiara for that? It might be warranted. Tiaras are not just for vacuuming and chore time you know.

My husband was also extremely wonderful. On my birthday, he showed up at work with a dozen roses. Then that night we went to Maggiano's. My birthday celebration did not stop on Friday. Early on Saturday we drove to Chattanooga (my husband had a job to shoot there). When we were done with the shoot, we visited the Aquarium (I digged the otters, they were merry) and then had a lovely meal at a steakhouse. I ordered ahi tuna. I blame this on the fact that I had been staring at fish all day, wondering why they were not swimming in a delicate wine and butter sauce.

Sunday we drove home, and we had a great urge to get our shit together (this doesn't happen often, so we acted on it). We bought blackout curtains for the bedroom (extremely needed since the sun blasts into our bedroom in the morning. After they were hung I found every receipt, invoice and bill and filed them away. The house looked awesome, and that was a present too.

Okay so the blog is now up to speed. I will try to post more, but yeah I've said that before.


Jan said...

Hey - I'm coming forth from the shadows where I've been reading your blog to say that I think it is seriously cool that you're growing your hair out to donate it to Locks of Love. (I also follow you on Twitter, having found your Twitter page when I searched casually one day for other people in Nashville, as am I. So that weird looking thing skulking around behind you in Twitter? That's just me.)

Anyway, I enjoy your blog and your Tweets, and am impressed with the hair thing you're doing. Nice, very very nice.

Not That Cool said...

Thank you for commenting Jan! It's so nice to know that there are people on the intubes that find my blog. I have wanted to donate to Locks of Love for ages, but usually get fed up and chop before I get to the requisite 10 inches. I'm at 10, but I want to get to 12 so I have a little bit of length.