Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am now at 40,000 words. I cannot believe how quickly the sexy curves are coming to me. I guess it is because I worked on the skeleton for so long, I am able to pull out bits of story and back track or expound to carry the details through the length of the book.

This is really fun y'all.

So today during my break I figured out the sequence of days, shifted around some stuff to make it flow better, and now know where I need to fill in more story line. I don't know if other writers do it this way, but it just makes sense to me.

My brother in law is an excellent artist, so I have asked him to work on the cover art for The Riverview. Give my building a face that readers can connect with it.

Today as I walked back from the library, I looked at the buildings along Church Street, and in my mind I had random facts about them.

For example, the Methodist Church used to be wider. They had two bell towers, one on each side. At some point, they got lopped off. That's why it looks like a big cube.

The Cohen Building, that cute building next to The Viridian that was recently refurbished - it was once owned by Meyer and Etta Cohen. Meyer ran a jewelry store on the street level of the building, and their residence was on the first floor. Etta enjoyed the view from the front balcony on Church Street, which was their bedroom.

I could go on for many many more paragraphs about the notorious Climax and Utopia, both on 4th Avenue North. But neener neener you will just have to read my book.

I hope people dig it, but I especially hope the people of Nashville dig it, since there is so much history that they will learn.

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