Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 22

My birthday always puts me in a pensive state.
I am right now going through visions in my mind of past birthday parties in my back yard in New York, with the Slip n Slide glowing like the sun in the heat of the day. Me, at the head of the picnic table, with my playmates sitting around me. I am wearing a swimsuit soaked from countless runs down the Slip n Slide. I look down at a lovely home-made, chocolate frosted cake (hopefully with marshmallow fluff between the layers).
And then the presents, a plastic bounty is set out in front of me. Oooh, the Baskin and Robins Honey Hill bunch set! I played with that for hours and hours until the plastic seams began to bust, showing a thin layer of padding.

I loved this so much.

So I have my 38th birthday coming up. Last year's birthday was so wonderful. Mark and I went to Maggiano's on my actual birthday, and went to Chattanooga for the weekend, and had a very pretty time. I felt like a princess.

This year? Mark is taking me to Bonefish Grill, which I just found out this year to be rather awesome. I look forward to a fun time and good memories!

So what are birthdays about? I think I get them now that I have fleshed this out. It's about fun, and being around friends and family. And cake, lots of cake. Hopefully strawberry cake with pink frosting. I am a girl after all.


deanna said...

I remember your birthday parties. I may even have some pictures somewhere. BUt I am unclaer as to how my little cousins are now almost as old as I am!

Tina said...

I know it Deanna. How did everyone get so old?