Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Way I Roll

I am a person with many unfinished projects. Current unfinished projects are:

A beaded bracelet
A scarf
My novel
Cleaning out my closet

I tried to tackle the last one a couple weeks ago. Really, I did. But when I pulled my craft box out of my closet, it opened up yet another project.

A few years ago I was really into making beaded jewelry, and I made some very pretty creations that to this day I wear and will continue to wear. I did throw out some things that I knew I would never, ever do, and would be pointless to donate, so I did make some progress. But I found a bag full of adorable necklaces and bracelets, complete with clasps, that I really needed to do something with.

So, I paired up matching necklaces with bracelets (they are all chains of six petal - or bead - flowers in a rainbow of colors) and put them in tiny baggies. I then unearthed my loose beads and findings (clasps, jump rings, etc.) and decided to make necklaces and bracelets where already completed jewelry needed a mate. All in all, when I made mates and bagged them, I had 45 sets. I am very active in my church, and I know the children's minister well, so I asked her if she had any use for the jewelry I made. Turned out she did. They were preparing goodie bags for the children, and they would be a perfect addition. So, I gave the jewelry to her on Sunday, and little girls received them. I can't wait to start seeing the girls in my church wearing something I made. I'm happy that I could bless the church with my creations.

I still have more beads, and I've decided to make the simple daisy jewelry until my bead and finding supply is exhausted. The children's minister said that anything else I contributed could be sold in the little goodie store available at church for the children. This makes me very happy. Since I'm in such a bead state of mind, I might even finish the free form beaded bracelet I started many moons ago.

But now more ideas are popping in my head for my book, so I know it will not be long before I am at work on it. My next stops will be the Tennessee State Archives and Property Records. I love researching turn of the 20th century Nashville. I am finding so much about my beloved city. This is the fun part! Time for more sexy curves!

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