Saturday, March 26, 2011

Babar - the author was a freak

So, my second book was The Story of Babar.  As it is a children's book,  this was the very first time I had to go into the children's department in the library.

All of the shelves were waist high, so I had to stoop to find the book.

I must have looked like a sight.  Anyhoo, I found the book, and read it.  I have come to the conclusion that there is a very good reason that this book was not in the adult section.  You need to possess a certain quality called suspension of disbelief, which children seem to have in abundance and adults, who are used to the cold, hard reality of things, have a hard time with.

My first problem with the book was in the very beginning, Babar's mom gets shot.  This is the reason that I only watched Bambi once y'all.  ONCE.  I do not dig seeing dead animals, especially in something geared towards children.  Strike one against the book.

Then, Babar decides to walk to France, from Africa no less, where he befriends an old lady, who proceeds to put him in a pair of pants.  What is so wrong with being an elephant.  It is lame and racist of the old biddy.  Strike two.

Further into the story, he marries his  cousin Celeste.  Um hello?  YOUR COUSIN?  Do they want babies with two tails or something.  Freaks.  Strike three.

So there you have it, I read a children's book that I should have just read as a child, but as a child I probably would have not liked it, since I do not dig dead animals in books.

Once I finished Babar,  I picked my next number, which was 39.  I am currently reading Tess of the D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy.

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