Thursday, September 25, 2008

Appetizer Hell

Okay so I was bored. I admit it. I searched for interesting appetizers on a website, and what I found was mostly disturbing y'all. Some of the creations were just hideous. If you are of a sensitive disposition, you may want to leave this blog, because the pictures I am about to share with you ain't purty.
I present to you "Funny Face Taco Dip." Their is nothing funny or appetizing about this. In a matter of a few scoops, this will look like a botched plastic surgery. Is that a broccoli tumor growing out of the head???
Reduced Fat Veggie Pizza. Hell to the no. First of all, you are presumably serving this at a party. Is this a party for friends or people that you want to hate your guts? Don't serve anything "reduced fat" at a party. Parties are meant for fun, and there's nothing fun about "reduced fat." Have the full fat, in moderation, and enjoy your damn party. Plus when something is called pizza, I expect gooey cheese. There's nothing gooey looking about that picture. Slap some brie or whole milk mozzarella on that already.
Bavarian snack ring. Jeebus y'all. Is it just me or does this look like something Freddie Krueger would serve? The main ingredients are sausage and sauerkraut. So, if you have a methane gas shortage in your house environment, feel free to serve this and breathe deeply.
Spinach dip holiday wreath. This would be classified in a personal category of mine called "Precious foods that should only be prepared by ladies named Eunice with huge Texas hair."
Cheezy dice. I have no words left.
I couldn't stand looking at anymore. Learn from this post friends.

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