Monday, September 1, 2008

Drama....I has it

Labor Day weekend...a weekend of rest, grilled meats and beer.

Yeahhhh not so much for me.

So on Friday, the husband went in the attic, because we were going to run cable for our HDTV antenna, and he discovered a natural gas leak.

The kind that could make your house blow up y'all.

Granted, it was not a big leak, but it was a leak, and the NES guy that arrived shortly after the discovery said it had probably been there since we built our house 5 years ago. The stoopid HVAC folks had cross-threaded a pipe, and that was the source of the leak. So, the HVAC people were at our house bright and early on Saturday morning, and $89 dollars later the leak was fixed.

Then, we decided it would be a good time to comb my 16 year old cat, Inky. She's not much into grooming these days, and really needed attention, so I combed enough fur off of her to make a new cat. As I was combing her tail (which is the DANGER zone), she bit me. Hard. On my arm. I immediately washed it, poured hyrdrogen peroxide on it, and applied antibiotic cream, but it still managed to get infected. So after church on Sunday I went to a walk-in clinic, got a tetanus shot (FUN!!!) and a prescription for antibiotics.

They didn't even give me a cool bandaid. So effing unfair y'all. If you are going to be a purveyor of pain or take my blood, I need a cool bandaid.

So that's my drama. I am currently at work for a half day (insert explative here) and have a cookout to go to this afternoon. I plan on hosing myself in insect repellent, because with my luck the bugs will find me delicious, and I will wind up looking like I have the pox.

Happy Labor Day y'all!


Carlita said...

Isn't it amazing how the ones we love the most bite the HARDEST!

Been there done that... glad you are infected anymore...

Carlita said...

Ooops! AreN'T infected anymore... HA!

Hmmmm maybe you ARE!