Friday, September 19, 2008

I ate too much, and now think too much.

So the bank that occupies space in my building had lunch for bank patrons today. Since I am a patron of the bank, I got me some free lunch. It was Whitt's BBQ, and it was delicious... too delicious.

I ate, then ate some more, then had a brownie, and now I am a sloth. Y'all I am so uninspired to do anything. Why oh why did I do it? Oh yeah that's right, because slow smoked meat is goooood.

My slothful state makes me want to get up an do something, but all the stuff I want to do is really at home. My house is a disaster, and we don't have any solid plans for this weekend, so I'd really like to have a "get your shit together" weekend....perhaps even dust off the vacuum and freak the cats out. I need to do something. Perhaps actually finish one of my projects? Hmmmm let's think of what there is:

1. My novel that is fully outlined? Only if I am drunk, and Richard Armitage is feeding me grapes.

2. My painting that is nothing but a field of blue? Only if Richard Armitage is sitting just beyond my easel on a stool, in the nude.

3. The beaded bracelet that is almost finished? I can't think of a way to tie Richard Armitage into this one, but yeah that ain't happening either.

Oh hi hello sexxxxxxy.

Tonight we have a party to go to, but tomorrow morning I am going to work from room to room, getting "our shit together" since the husband will probably be working in his office, hopefully getting "his shit together" in there.

If you are out there, and you dig my blog (as if anyone wouldn't) please add yourself to the follow thingy on the right sidebar. I need validation, and everyone knows that blogs are the only way to feel validated.

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