Wednesday, September 24, 2008

An Ode to Autumn

Oh joy! Just the other day marked the first day of autumn. I am ready y'all. I have pants and sweaters and hilarious socks that I haven't worn in forever. Just one thing....

Could someone please turn the heat off outside already? Y'all the high temperature is still in the 80's. Not exactly sweater weather.

I want to walk in the crisp air, perhaps through a corn maze. I want to take long drives in the country admire the foliage. I want to bake pies and make recipes that require squash.

This weekend I will pull the box out of storage that has all my fall decorations in it. Mr. Turkey, who is almost as tall at me, will take his place on my loveseat in the study, with his legs crossed like a proper gentleman, and will freak my cats out. Who is this tall, possibly delicious bird, and how can I fit him in my belly they might say.

So my house will celebrate fall after this weekend, even if the temperature won't cooperate.

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