Monday, September 15, 2008

No autographs please

Is is snowing in Hawaii? Nope but it is true this is a second post in the very same day. I almost forgot to tell my super amazing story of how I am shortly to be an extremely famous model.

And you knew me when I was the humble, sometimes clever blogger. Consider yourself honored.
So I was getting gas at the Mapco in my 'hood, and decided we also needed the sweet, sweet nectar known as beer, so as my husband pumped gas, I got the beverage. I put my purchase on the counter, and the clerk asked for my ID. Two seconds later her eyes bugged....for serious....and she said "Wow. You could make so much money."

Uhhhhh come again?

I must admit my driver's license picture is a total fluke. I actually like it, and look very pretty. I was having a good hair day, wearing a favorite top, and I even had makeup on. So the clerk went on to say that she was a model scout, and she knew a photographer that would absolutely love me.

I told her that she was kind, and left it at that. My beer was getting warm yo.

She then said "I don't usually do this..." as she rummaged through her purse. She pulled out a white business card, scratched through a phone number and then hand wrote another, gave it to me and said "If you ever change your mind."

So I put the card in my purse, grabbed my beer and got out of there. When I got home I looked at the card.

The first thought that popped into my mind was porn y'all. It was the clerk's picture on the card, but she must have powers of disguise like Superman, because as a mild-mannered clerk she wore glasses, no makeup, and her hair was pulled back. On the card she was a sultry vixen with massive cans. A google search quickly found her model profile. She is indeed a model, and her profile says that she will not do porn, but the pictures on her profile were extremely provocative.

I haven't called, and I don't know that I will. How on earth am I to believe a "model scout" that works behind the Mapco register (probably just to use her Superman powers for the greater good) that I am going to make "so much money." If she was great at her job, should she be working at the Mapco making my beer get warm?

Quandry y'all.

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