Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So a couple posts ago I mentioned a canvas that was a field of blue. It has been staring at me, for months.

I had painter's block for serious.

I did not have clue as to what I wanted the subject of the painting to be, so it sat on an easel in my living room. Mocking me with its haughty blueness.

Saturday I was sitting in the living room, ignoring the canvas that was parallel to my field of vision whilst watching the TV.

And then it came to me. Why not paint something loved? So I painted a ballerina. I have loved ballerinas since I was a child and had a Sugar Plum Fairy Barbie. My barbie was awesome. She had a sparkly deep pink costume and pink toe shoes, and of course she had a tiara, so she was my favorite, and never got the butch haircut that my other barbies fell victim to when I got bored with them.

I got my paints and brushes out, sketched the ballerina on the canvas in pencil, and a few hours later I had my ballerina.
I love love love her. I love her flowy skirt. I love the movement and the sense of freedom. She is not confined to anything. I do not like painting faces to my subjects. I'd rather leave my subjects so that they can be any person. Does that make sense? It makes sense in my mind, so yay.
Now when I look at my easel in the living room, she greet me, like a celebration, and I smile. Eventually this will hang in my bedroom, but I'll let her enjoy the living room for a while.

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